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EARLY RIDER Super Velio, 00-02 years

Mudel: 710901

Järelmaks lisatasudeta - tasu 3-s võrdses osas 3 kuud!
Kuumakse alates 15.35€/kuus. 24 kuud.
(rohkem infot ostukorvis).

Kohaletoimetamine koju ja DPD pakiautomaati.
  • Kaubale kehtib garantii 24 kuud
  • Kohaletoimetamine koju ja DPD pakiautomaati.

10 to 24 months, the only time we learn without fear.

The Velio is designed to supercharge the development of coordination, balance and cognition in children before they develop self doubt.

Take advantage, build skills and confidence early. Grow Pro.

It's about building the physical and mental confidence that will inspire our kids to become the best versions of themselves.




Patented Active Balance Control system - making co-ordination development ABC easy.

Intuitive point and go steering, helping to kick start the cognitive journey.

Two wheels - to awaken the senses and engage coordination & balance skills. It's the only way.

Spherical, so no tipping point and a gentle radius to give instability without compromising on safety.

8" soft touch EVA tyres for best in class rollover, from the shaggiest shag-pile to the gravelly-est gravel.

Slky smooth sealed cartridge bearings and just two contact points, preserving that precious energy.

Low slung frame to keep the centre of gravity firmly routed near the ground

Magnesium alloy, super lightweight, super strong, and ready to take the Tiller for ultimate parental control.

Ergonomic wrap-around handlebars so the comfort and stability is never out of reach.

Adjustable seat pad, 15mm foam, anatomical design, silicon cover, easy on, easy up, easy wipe.


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